Project activities

Activities of the project

In order to enhance the skills of the employees and elected officials of the Mahdia and Kairouan municipalities and grant them with the necessary tools, mainly to improve planning and citizen participation, the project provides trainings, support missions, study visits in France and the elaboration of technical and methodological tools.

This component consists of supporting and facilitating the implementation of pilot micro-projects of planning and securitization of public space, such as bicycle paths and bicycle parking spaces in front of schools in Kairouan (micro-projects identified in 2017 through citizen consultations in the frame of cooperation with Strasbourg  or the creation of three gentle circuits in Mahdia around noticeable sites, as well as the establishment of a House of the Bike in Kairouan under a format yet to be defined. The objective is to improve the place of active mobility in the public space and the well-being of the inhabitants of Kairouan and Mahdia, while realizing the objectives of urban development of the two municipalities.

Concerned with co-construction and appropriation, in order to engage in a continuous exchange with the citizens and actors of the Kairouan and Mahdia cities, and paying a particular attention to the youth and women, the following events and activities have been organized:

Citizen consultations in which spaces for presentation of projects and surveys have been provided to the inhabitants;

Multi-actor workshops around the problematics of urban planning where elected officials, employees, citizens, students, associations, experts, etc. are able to participate and share their experiences, concerns, and recommendations;

General public events, such as car free days, bike parades and races, which are intended to sensitize and mobilize citizens to the causes of sustainable development, active mobility, and citizen participation.

The set of all these activities aims also at creating synergies between the cities of Kairouan and Mahdia –and beyond in Tunisia- as well as between Tunisia and France.

The fourth and last component aims at offering visibility and assign merit to the activities carried out during the project, as well as favoring the exchange of good practices and experiences on the local, national and international levels. Beside the participation at multiple events associated with the thematic of the UTDRMET, three main events are to be organized in the course of the project: a launch conference, an interregional of active mobility, and a closing seminar.

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