European and international framework

The AUTREMENT project is part of a global and ambitious framework of European and international objectives in terms of sustainable development, which are encompassed by the Urban Agenda of the EU and the UN 2030 Agenda on sustainable development.

The Urban Agenda of the EU

The Urban Agenda of the EU is an initiative launched in 2015 by the European Commission, the member states, and the cities to face the challenges of urban development by targeting 3 objectives among 12 themes of priority. Many of these are at the heart of the AUTREMENT project (notably urban mobility, air quality and innovative and responsible public procurement):

Le projet AUTREMENT a vocation à contribuer à ces deux cadres de référence grâce à son approche intégrée, transversale et multi-partenariale en accompagnant les villes tunisiennes de Kairouan et Mahdia dans leur processus de localisation et de contribution à l’atteinte des ODD.

Le projet prévoit ainsi de participer directement à la mise en œuvre des ODD suivants :

On the other hand, the UN 2030

Agenda represents an action plan on sustainable development negotiated in concertation with civil society actors and adopted in 2015 by the 193 member states of the UN. It is broken down into 17 thematic and transversal Sustainable Development Objectives (SDOs) that the member states have committed to integrate in their national policies and strategies.

The AUTREMENT project aims to contribute to these two frames of reference thanks to its integrated, transversal and multi-partner approach, while supporting the Tunisian cities of Kairouan and Mahdia in their process of localization and contribution to reaching the SDOs.

The Project plans to directly participate at the implementation of the following SDOs:


good health and well-being


quality education


gender equality


clean and affordable energy


decent jobs and economic growth

SDO 11

sustainable cities and communities

SDO 12

consumption of sustainable products

SDO 17

partnerships for the realization of objectives

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