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First cycling city in France committed to a policy of active mobility for over 30 years. Leader of the project, Strasbourg provides expertise in terms of urban mobility and the quality of public spaces.


Registered in UNESCO’s world heritage, Kairouan has been engaged in favor of active mobility since 2016. The bike culture is strongly rooted in the city.


Port city of approximately 50 000 inhabitants, Mahdia has engaged on a journey of reflection over its mobility strategy. Similar to Kairouan, Mahdia is also registered in UNESCO’s world heritage.

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The AUTREMENT project aims at promoting a sustainable urban development in Kairouan and Mahdia, and thus improving life quality of its inhabitants and enhancing its economic and touristic attractiveness. Developing active mobility, primarily biking, via setting specific infrastructure, and reinforcing citizen participation in local governance, are the corner stones around which revolves this project.

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Thematic partners

European and international framework

The AUTREMENT project is part of a global and ambitious framework of European and international objectives in terms of sustainable development, which are encompassed by the Urban Agenda of the EU and the UN 2030 Agenda on sustainable development.

The Urban Agenda of the EU is an initiative launched in 2015 by the European Commission, the member states, and the cities to face the challenges of urban development by targeting 3 objectives among 12 themes of priority. Many of these are at the heart of the AUTREMENT project (notably urban mobility, air quality and innovative and responsible public procurement):

1. Improve regulations to better incorporate the needs of cities in European policies

2. Favor exchanges between urban authorities, member states and the European Commission

3. Facilitate the cities’ access to European funding

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The AUTREMENT project provides for the implementation of 10 micro-projects (7 in Kairouan and 3 in Mahdia), which aim to secure spaces, make them more user-friendly and promote the practice of cycling and walking, the scale of the neighborhoods where the micro-projects are located, but also of the two cities. For each of these micro-projects, the main actors concerned (inhabitants, economic actors, etc.) will take part in the consultation by participating in multi-actor workshops and organized citizen consultations.

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